"You guys put the magic in the box, and then keep it there for us." More about US
Best for Your Practice was founded out of the need to help our own family's Physician; we understand the challenges that confront Physicians, Providers, and practices. From boutique practices to large multi-location practices with 20+ providers, we work closely with practice Physicians/Providers and staff to develop and implement solutions that will help them run their practice more profitably and more efficiently.

What we do for you
".... We no longer worry with you taking care of things and I can go back to focusing on medicine and taking care of patients!"

We work evenings, nights, and weekends so that your practice can stay open with minimal interruptions. We work your hours (and more), take your calls, and we don't punch out at five. Clients love us because we don't point fingers, we solve problems. Tell us what you want, and we make calls, talk tech, deal with vendors, labs, hospitals, whatever it takes to find a solution.

Our services

Concierge Support
We are available for both On-Demand and Scheduled Support. Our skills include software, hardware, network, process, application and integration work. Client's direct work, and we work nights and weekends when you need us, so you do not have to close your practice to do maintenance/upgrades. We work well with local technology resources, and over the years have established referral relationships with several local IT service providers.
Patient Interaction
New patient forms are painful for both patients and staff, and yet precious little that is provided actually ends up in a patient's chart in a useful fashion. If there is essential information is needed, it has to be re-entered into the chart during the visit - AGAIN. Our solution allows the practice to customize the information they collect, what language they offer to interact with the patient, and we then store the collected information so that it can be utilized and analyzed by clinicians. When an EMR vendor provides integration, data can be automatically moved into the patient chart prior to rooming the patient.
Integration & Data Manipulation
Practices regularly experience the need to move data from one system to another - just because data has been extracted from a system, it often is not usable on other platforms. BFYP can assist your practice by manipulating your data until it suits your needs. We can also work with other vendors and systems to provide customized integration if you require.
After Hours
A secure, portable platform for reviewing patient data after hours that works on your phone, tablet, or computer without a special application. You can even annotate the content of the interaction along with your direction for forwarding to your practice's EMR for documentation the next business day.
Meetup Weekend
Physicians and Providers learn best from their own peers, so we regularly host weekend events that span subject matter from clinical tools to the ever-popular Tips&Tricks. There are scheduled sessions along with unstructured time for attendees to collaborate, relate, and build relationships.
Patient & Practice Analytics
EMR designs are driven by the dictates of Payers and the Government, so it is no surprise that they are so poorly suited to the work of patient care and effective patient-centered medicine. Our platform is designed with our users in mind - patients and Physicians/Providers.


Know the answer to "Who are you going to call?"

Whether you are dealing with the hospital's technical staff, a technology installer, lab reps, puzzling new equipment, or trying to find a solution for something that "can't be doneĀ, you can call us.

With career experience in corporate technology, bleeding-age startups, business process design, and business analytics, we relish the opportunity to assist our clients with their practice IT solutions whenever our assistance is requested.

Our team


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